Paint Types & Uses

Painting, whether it's painting a home or office, can be a wonderful experience. There are a variety of painting services available such as painting the interior and exterior of a building, drywall painting repairs, cabinet refinishing, painting by spray, brush and texture or painting over wallpaper removal. The right paint supplies will make your work go better and faster.

Extra information about paint supplies

What are the types of paint?

Paints fall into the general categories of semi-gloss, eggshell, flat or gloss. In addition, a primer or a first coat is first applied, depending on the surface that is painted. Keep in mind; for a decorative finish the right base coat is important. Base coats are primers or first coats. Finish coats are flat, eggshell, gloss or satin.

What are specialty paints and what are they used for?

When the right primer is used and applied on the surface they were intended for, the above categories of paints will work well; however, for specific tasks, it is worthwhile to use paints that were made for certain tasks. For example, bathroom or kitchen paints flats work better because they resist fungal growth and moisture better than other types of paint. For concrete and floorboards, floor paints are more effective because they are solvent-based and hard-wearing.

Painting application methods

For each painting project there are application methods that make the work go smoother and easier. For example, when using a primer, use a brush, roller or pad. For a first coat, use a brush, roller or pad. Flat painting goes better with a brush, roller, pad or sprayer; while eggshell painting is more effective with a brush, roller or pad. For gloss painting, use a brush. Floor paint on concrete needs a brush or roller. Metal paint needs a roller.

Painting tips

To make the painting process go easier, there are several tips that will help such as never painting when there is moisture. Always wait for dry weather. Another is to do a thorough visual inspection and prep. If you see any cracked, flaking or peeling, sand or scrape the areas and rinse them before applying new primer and paint. Always buy high-quality brushes, roller covers and painter's tape. Most importantly, protect anything you don't want painted, use a primer and always paint from top to bottom.

To conclude, painting can be a memorable experience. With the many painting services available, your finished product will look great.